The historic walled cathedral town of Winchester is really beautiful, with winding picturesque streets, tudor, stone & brick houses and lots of attractive shops that beckon you to stroll and browse.  It is home to Winchester Cathedral, University of Winchester and the famous public school, Winchester College. Until sometime after the Norman conquest, it was the capital of England.

We arrived in the town in the mid-afternoon, having visited Uppark in the morning.  We were in time to see the Cathedral before it closed and managed to take some pictures in the softer late daylight.

Winchester Cathedral has the longest nave and overall length of all Gothic cathedrals in Europe. The interior detail is breathtaking.

Many visitors visit the Cathedral to see Jane Austen’s grave and memorial plaque nearby.

Upon leaving the cathedral, we walked back through the town.  We were delighted with the attractive houses, the friendliness of the people and the welcoming appearance of the nearby pubs and shops.

These beer mats decorated the walls of one of the pubs where we stopped for a pint to use the WiFi.  The Ginger Tom reminded me of Tigger, our marmalade cat at home.

On our way back to Midhurst, we came across another pub, resplendent with overhanging flowers.