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Entertablement Abroad is a sister site to the original Entertablement site featuring tableware and recipes, which happily continues to grow. The travel portion of Entertablement continued to grow as well—so much that it got its own site. So, here we are – Entertablement Abroad! 

Helen Scotland Inverlochy-1

Helen is an avid travel photographer, an eager amateur cook, and a collector and photographer of modern and antique tableware and food. She shares her home with her husband, Glenn Bryant, several golden retrievers and cats, and an outspoken family mascot, Teddy. Helen & Glenn have a large extended family and circle of friends they entertain with pleasure at their homes in Cape Cod, USA and Ancaster, Canada. In her other life, Helen is an executive coach and principal at Authentic Impact.

Mary is a web designer and business consultant specialising in making the creative and virtual side of the business a reality. Her company, Creative Sidekicks, helps entrepreneurial businesses flourish by harnessing web-based technology and social media. Mary, her husband John and their standard poodles, Lucy and Bear, live in Atlanta.

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