England in the Spring. Yes, it’s a bit damp (perhaps more than a bit damp), but you don’t really notice while feasting your eyes on the gardens, the castles, and the cathedrals. They’re lovely at any time of year, but spring takes the cake.

I thought it would be fun to do a recap of some previous posts I’ve done on England. In reviewing my Lightroom travel folders, I realize there are a LOT of photos on which I’ve still to blog. Taking a zillion pictures is all very useful, but then you get back from the trip, life resumes its regular shape, and the next thing you know, the pictures remain unprocessed. I will get to them – two separate trips to Scotland, several to Italy, the rest of this year’s trip to Spain and a whole bunch more of England. But this can hold us over for now.  

Starting from the top left hand corner of the collage:

The Wisteria at Scotney Castle

The Royal Crescent in Bath

Louis, the Wells Cathedral Cat

Foxgloves at Sissinghurst

The lambs in Devon

Tulips at Berkeley Castle

The Palladian Bridge at Stourhead

Enjoy the trip!