It was our last day in Amboise, and we had time to see one more Chateau.  Anxious to see the “rest of the story” between Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici I voted for Chateau de Chaumont.  I was dying to see the “downsize” into which Diane de Poitiers was forced after the death of King Henri II.

Paul was experiencing much-dreaded Chateau Fatigue, so he and Chris set out to walk into Amboise and have a leisurely lunch. (Apparently the lunch as efficacious, as Chris was able to persuade him to visit Chateau d’Amboise in the afternoon, so we all got our fill).  

France Chaumont 2015-17 France Chaumont 2015-5

In approaching Chateau de Chaumont, it’s apparent that no matter what Diane’s thoughts on her downgrade, she clearly transferred her passion for gardening to the new premises.  The beguiling displays of daffodils were stunning.

France Chaumont 2015-6 France Chaumont 2015-4

They have some, er, interesting structures in the grounds.  At least the chairs look appealing.

France Chaumont 2015-3

France Chaumont 3 2015-2

Chateau de Chaumont has a commanding presence, overlooking the Loire Valley. Note the drawbridge with portcullis. I’ve always wanted one…

The interior of the chateau is sumptuously appointed, with many lovely objects.

And, naturally, lusted for the dining room with its very ornate fireplace.  The table settings are elegant and simple.

A lot of the windows are filled with leaded glass, with gorgeous painted detailed centre pieces. The ceiling beams and cornice detail are painted with different scenes from the chateau and surrounding area.

The stonework is exquisite, including the and the porcupine, symbol of Louis XII, the king of France.

Even the stable block is beautiful. Apparently this is the most sought-after tack room in France.

So all in, it didn’t look like Diane de Poitiers moved much downmarket, housewise at least, when she was forced to exchange Chateau de Chenonceau for Chateau de Chaumont. It is really beautiful.  t