We finished up at Chateau de Chambord by having an excellent lunch in the restaurant on the grounds, and planned our afternoon. Glenn and Paul had discovered a vintage car museum not far away, so their plans veered in that direction. Chris and I decided to forgo this delight, broke our “one chateau a day” rule and elected to go to nearby Chateau de Cheverny.  It was well worth it.

France Cheverny 2015-1

Cheverny has been in the same family for over six centuries, give or take a few diversions with Revolutions, seizures by the Crown, etc. In the upset between Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici over Chenonceau vs Chaumont, Diane de Poitiers stayed at Cheverny while Chaumont was being prepared for her to take up residence there.  Not a bad place to hang while your own decorator is hard at work elsewhere.

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It is one of the smaller of the famous chateaux of the Loire Valley, which was something of a relief after Chambord. It is exquisitely furnished, with many beautiful objects.  

The house was decorated for Easter and the dining room had many eggs, nests and displays.  The table is set with china reflecting the hunting hounds for which the estate is famous.

The upstairs rooms are fully decorated and present as a very, very comfortable family home. 

France Cheverny 2015-15 France Cheverny 2015-13France Cheverny 2 2015-10

The gardens are stunning.  

We walked happily through the grounds, and then visited the kennels, comprising over 70 hunting hounds who are taken out on twice-weekly hunts.  It was a hot day and one clown insisted on climbing into the water trough and then holding off all comers with fierce barks.

France Cheverny 2 2015-9

Chris as I were very pleased with our decision and felt we had got the better bargain in terms of time spent in the afternoon.  The boys missed a real treat.