Good morning to all, and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. This is a quick post on quick packing, very much to the point as I’m currently in Venice, bags packed and ready to embark on an eight-day cruise down the Adriatic. This is a first for us, as the Entertablement household is more of the “figure it out yourself” persuasion. 🙂 Very good friends from the Cape are seasoned cruisers and we were persuaded to set aside our cranky independence and join them on this adventure.

The six of us were chatting over dinner last night about favourite packing methods, and I thought it might be useful to readers to share some of ours. Several years ago I tried out some packing cubes by eBags. They come in different sizes and colours, so I bought a few and gave them a whirl. We haven’t looked back since.

The beauty is once you figure out what fits into your particular suitcase, there is no more guesswork about how much to take. The big one on the left holds all my pants. The bottom right is shoes; the upper right is sweaters. In between is a long, narrow one for scarves. You get the picture.

The range of colours makes the cubes really useful for families. I bought differently coloured sets for each of the kids and grandkids one year for Christmas, with bright polka dots or stripes for the little girls. Now the parents just have to toss a couple of packing cubes for each child into their suitcases and there’s no more wondering which pair of socks belongs to which kid. Unpacking is a breeze. Just unzip the top of the cube and place it in the dresser drawer when you arrive at the hotel. The trend these days is to provide no storage in hotels, so I find the cubes to be really useful for keeping clothes organized when only an open shelf is offered.

For shirts and blouses, I use a different method. I leave them hanging on wire hangers and then cover the bundles with dry-cleaner’s plastic. The bit of air trapped in the plastic helps keep the items from creasing. Bundles of about five items work well. The method works equally well for men’s shirts. Simply fold the bundle into thirds and place it into the suitcase. Our suitcases come with a separate compartment in the top, into which I  zip the hanging items.

All packed and ready to go. These pictures are from a couple of years ago. There’s my hat with the fur pompom, all ready to keep me warm at a vintage car event.

Sorry to post and dash, but we have very poor internet. I’m hooked up to my phone, using “Roam Like Home” and time is of the essence.  As internet opportunity arises over the next week, I’ll keep everyone up to date on our progress as we visit several cities in Croatia, Kotor in Montenegro, and Sicily, Sorrento and Rome in Italy.

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