Breakfast at the Wolseley is one of the first ports of call whenever we are in London. Located in the former Wolseley motor car showroom on Piccadilly at St. James’ Street, it has strong Venetian and Florentine architectural details as well as the exotic Eastern influence that was in vogue when it was built in 1921. Unfortunately, the car itself did not enjoy sufficient sales to justify the showroom and the company went bankrupt in 1926.

In 2003 the site was purchased and renovated for its current purpose, which has been very well received. We are not alone in singing its praises:  “Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day, a continuing life,” writes A. A. Gill in his introduction to his book ‘Breakfast at The Wolseley’.

The menu ranges from old-fashioned favourites like boiled eggs with soldiers to granola parfaits, and everything is delicious. They do take reservations, but we’ve never had much trouble getting in without them. We highly recommended a visit next time you’re in London!

The lattes are beautifully prepared

There is nothing like a day in London, especially when it begins with Breakfast at The Wolseley!