Our base in the Loire Valley is the Hotel Minimes, from which we venture forth and explore the Chateaux in the region. We are determined to visit no more than one per day, as we are given to  understand the condition of Chateau Fatigue from overindulgence is common, along with its close cousin, Foie Gras Remorse. 

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Chris and I did a lot of research on where to dine whilst in France. Previous experience has taught us that unlike Italy (where it’s almost impossible to get a bad meal), French restaurants are not uniformly excellent and we’ve been frequently disappointed with indifferent food at handsome prices. Our homework paid off, however, and we had marvellous meals at La Fourchette and Chez Bruno in the village of Amboise — a very short walk from our hotel.  We took a taxi to the Chateau du Pray one night and it too was fabulous.

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The Chateau of Amboise is set high upon the hill overlooking the town itself. The gargoyles glared down at us each morning on our way to the bakery where we enjoyed our cafe creme and pain au chocolat.

 After several mornings of bakery indulgences for breakfast, I went looking for somewhat healthier fare and discovered Fruit Intense by Bonne Maman. We get their jams in Canada and the US, but this particular product seems to be sold only in France. It is absolutely delectable on yoghurt. On my next trip, I’m bringing back a case.780